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Pacifica News Service: Hawaii Hotel Attempts to Oust Spiritual Leaders

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Vigil Supports Guardianship at Ahu’ena Heiau in Kona

July 3, 2007 Kailua-Kona, HI

A vigil and rally supporting Hawaiian native rights to preserve their traditions and practices was held just days before America celebrates the fourth of July. Kulana Huli Honua, “Foundation of the Search for Wisdom,” in their care of Ahu’ena Heiau finds themselves fighting for cultural and spiritual freedom at Kamakahonu, the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii founded by King Kamehameha the Great.

The New “Hotel King Kamehameha” was built upon Kamakahonu in 1975 in conjunction with the restoration of Ahu’ena Heiau. David Kahelemauna Roy, Jr. supervised the project with the Bishop Museum. Ka’imi Spinney was Kahu ‘Aina of Ahu’ena Heiau until his passing when David Roy was recognized as Kahu of Ahu’ena Heiau by his community.

Years later in 1993, the state confirmed Roy’s title as Kahu. At the time of the Kahu’s passing on April 6, 2005, Mikahala Roy and Kaleokalani Nakoa were named Kahu. This lineage clearly demonstrates a Hawaiian value system of passing skills, knowledge and wisdom, along with the position of spiritual authority to one chosen family member.

The rally, Ke Alo Naue i Ka Honua (meaning The Presence that Moves the Earth) was attended by leaders of the undeterred Hawaiian Renaissance of spirit and culture Palikapu Dedman of the Pele Defense Fund and the Kanaka Council, Kale Gumapac of Hui Pa’a and the Kanaka Council, Jim Medeiros, Sr. of Protect Keopuka ‘Ohana and the Kanaka Council, Kealoha Pisciotta, President of Mauna Kea Anaina Hou.

Also in attendance was Uncle George Na’ope, Loea Hawaii (respected master of Hawaii), Founder of the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival and a Hawaiian Living Treasure. All were there to lend their support to Mikahala Roy and Kalani Nakoa as Kahu of Ahu’ena Heiau and the continuance of Hawaiians’ rights to practice their culture at their sacred sites.

Following the start of a pre-dawn vigil at Ahu’ena Heiau a community rally began at the Kailua pier constructed upon Kamakahonu, the Eye of the Turtle. Mikahala Roy said that “The Hawaiian people, their customs and sacred sites are endangered species in Hawaii.” A great percentage of Hawaiian people are houseless in their homeland.

This land area in Kailua Kona was chosen by Kamehameha the Great as his Kingdom’s Capital for its sacredness and mana. “Under this concrete is an outcropping of lava upon naturally shaped in the image of a turtle. “How old is that formation? What is your connection to it?, she asked the crowd. “How many piers do you see in the world? Will
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you see another Kamakahonu in the world? The answer is no - this is what we are talking about here. The desecration of our holy places by people who promote the “sale of aloha”, that, is what this is all about.”

Jack Kelly, a founder of Keopuka ‘Ohana stated that the new owners needed to be taught the ways of this place. “They are from out of town. There is a way of doing things in Hawaii that they do not know. It is our job to educate them, as it is better for them, the community, their business and the people.” “This is our Kahu,” he said, appreciatively placing his hand on Mikahala’s back.

“We’re all here to support Mikahala Roy as Kahu,” said Kale Gumapac. “Our ancestors brought us together to do this sacred task. Our ancestors are up there talking to each other right now! We all came to Hawaii for a reason, and today that reason was made clear, to protect this sacred site“.

“So many people here are concerned with the disappearing species of plants. It’s time that they also become concerned with the disappearing people. We have a government that doesn’t support or protect the Hawaiian people,” said Palikapu Dedman.

“There should be more Hawaiians here,” said Uncle George Na’ope who drove in from Hilo to show support for the Kahu of Ahu’ena Heiau. Na’ope, a charter board member of Kulana Huli Honua, was named a National Heritage Scholar by the National Endowment for the Arts, last year. He later added, “The Creator must have loved Hawaiian people for He gave them no diamonds or precious metals in their islands. The one gift he gave them was “Aloha” and aloha cannot be bought or sold.”

Barbara Moore, said that though she had lived in Hawaii for 38 years, she was humbled by how much she still had to learn. She said, “Many of the people were there because they know that the disappearing Hawaiians, and their culture, are likely (to be) the very culture that will save the future.”

Kealoha Pisciotta, president of Mauna Kea Anaina Hou is also a Kahu and one of the guardians working to protect Mauna Kea. She said “It is time to send light to the new owners and to enlighten them. There are about 6,000 full blooded Hawaiians left in the world. There are so many people who come here for healing and for paradise. Paradise is a consciousness, a way of being, it is aloha. By taking away the people who live aloha, our culture and our sacred places, it is taking away the very reason that people want to come here.”

Mikahala Roy asked for prayers. Some attendees, who missed the initial gathering at the pier but were interested in the rally, asked what was going on. When informed that the new corporate hotel owners were in favor of recognizing their corporation for the care of a sacred site, a man laughed and said, “Kind of like the Chinese Government appointing the next Dalai Lama.”
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In spite of corporate pressures, from pre-dawn through midnight, the assembly of Hawaiian leaders and the public conducted themselves peacefully; honoring their traditional indigenous practices. Kulana Huli Honua shall continue faithfully in observing their spiritual and cultural practices at this most sacred site. Their daily work of serving the temple and educating the public continues in spite of this corporate move to remove the Kahu from this place.

In conclusion, Former Chief Justice, William S. Richardson of the Hawaii Supreme Court stated “Hawaii’s laws are unique in that they are based on ancient tradition, custom, practice and usage.” Last year, Governor Linda Lingle wrote to Roy, “It is our understanding that prior to his passing, Kahu David Kahelemauna Roy, Jr. named you to succeed him as Kahu and to carry on his kuleana (responsibility) associated with Ahu’ena Heiau and Kamakahonu.”

The Hawaiian community’s riparian rights or “rights of passage”, mauka to makai (mountain to ocean) includes the honoring of those “traditions, customs, practices and usage.” The presence of Kahu at religious sites is an acknowledged tradition ongoing in Hawaii. “This is our religion,” said Jimmy Medeiros, President of Keopuka ‘Ohana and noted Hawaiian community leader.
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